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Oil & Gas Job Vacancy as Petrophysicist, Lowongan Migas

MMBO; Petrophysicist.

Petrophysicist – International Location

Qualifications/Experience :

• BSc in Petroleum Geology, Physics or in a relevant discipline.
• At least 10 years experience in petrophysical interpretation (cased and open hole, clastic and carbonate lithologies and diagenesis, and fractures detection from logs), preferably with an Operating oil company.
• Understanding of fluid properties and dynamics, fractures and faults systems, clastic and carbonate sedimentology and diagenesis, risk and uncertainty analysis and volumetric estimates.
• Fully conversant in the use of G&G databases, petrophysical interpretation PC-based software (e.g. Prism Geographix). Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Visual Basic code programming.
• Operational experience with an Operating oil company.
• Operational experience as a wellsite petroleum engineer, preferably with an Operating oil company.
• Basic skills in the use of 3D geological modelling software (e.g. Petrel).

Job Description :

The key responsibilities of this position include :
• To define the petrophysical model integrating all petrophysical data (logs, core, mud logging and test) to support Exploration, Production & Development activities.
• Perform formation evaluation to identify hydrocarbon bearing levels, quantify main petrophysical parameters (porosity, permeability, Sw), determine net pay, identify fluid contacts, define main geological characters of the subsurface formation which have impact on the creation of the static (geological/petrophysical) model of the reservoir for the correct evaluation of HIIP and perform the interpretation of cased hole measurements aimed at reservoir optimization and reservoir management activities.
• Perform quantitative interpretation and analysis in open hole, while drilling and cased hole logs to determine lithology and formation properties (porosity, saturation, net pay) to identify hydrocarbon bearing levels and fluid contacts. Perform the petrophysical interpretation of the subsurface formations integrating all the data available using routine, special core analysis, surface logging, dynamic data, and petrographical, stratigraphical, structural and sedimentological data to generate the most appropriate petrophysical model.
• Assist in the preparation of well data acquisition programs for the petrophysical evaluation and perform the final QC of the acquisition.
• Assist in the preparation of well testing program.
• Determine objectives of coring programs and laboratory requirements.
• Evaluate third parties petrophysical jobs and reports and make the necessary recommendations.

Please mail a copy of your resume to :


Expiry date: February 23, 2009


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